Leggo my ego

So, here are my thoughts and feelings about what humility means to me today. It is simply knowing who I really am today and the willingness to become who the universe wants me to be. Bondage to self, causes obsession and low self-esteem which results in feelings of inadequacy, status-seeking and self-absorption. Humility levels the imaginary ladder of status and worth and we truly know that we are all equal. When I am in my ego, I feel like I constantly have something to prove and when I check my self-will with the divine in me I just have to be and when things either go my way or don’t go my way it’s just life happening and it’s neither a condemnation or affirmation of my self-worth. And then I can step away from the internal drama that I create about the events that happen (which is me feeding my ego) and I can simply focus on the next right action to take.