Memory Lane: Sway

It was your typical camping trip: a few hundred costumed people, art, music, and bonfires. I was dressed as a very cute bumble bee, and on one of my feet, there was a big boot. It was in an air cast because I had a broken toe. I was alone that night, except not alone because I can always find friends wherever I go. I trust myself to find friends.

I walked past the fortune teller and went to the karaoke camp. The karaoke was blaring over the generator that powered the rig. An older lady walked up to the microphone and they started to play Sway by Julie London.  This woman’s voice was heaven. And a friend that I had met earlier that day came up to me and said, “didn’t you say you used to dance?” I said, yes. He held out his hand, I accepted. He used to be a ballroom dancer back in the day. Now, we are dancing in the middle of the woods to this song. I have a cast on one foot and a hiking boot on the other.

I love to dance, and every dance tells a story. When you’ve got a good partner and you trust yourself, you can do the most amazing improv. And that night we rivaled Fred and Ginger. Rise and fall, give and take, dip and bend. It was beautiful. Having this body has been an adventure. From national award winning dancer to morbidly obese at 265 pounds to a healthy weight again, I am not nearly that big but I am not a small girl.

It’s hard to trust my body to do what it is capable of. To relax into a dip to the ground, to trust that this older gentleman can support it and that I can do it. But that night I had perfect faith in my strength, his strength and the moment. Even with a cast on my foot. We were completely connected and watching each other to mimic and create each move in perfect unison. Challenging and daring each other to go bigger.

I’ll never forget this moment and how a bumble bee in a cast and a man dressed as a genie rocked the karaoke camp. Perfect moments serve as a bookmark in your life. I could have said no thank you. But I said… yes, and… And saying “yes, and…”  has served me as a human in the world (or a bee) and as a business owner.

How can we make this bigger, better, more perfect? How can I challenge my skills and my perceived limitations? How can I relax and surrender and trust that the magic will happen when I allow it?

Say yes.

Figure it out as you go.

But say yes.